Turn a conversation into a publication

AyourP allows you to reach multiple patients through a single procedure without affecting the confidentiality of your teleconsultations.

During your teleconsultations, you probably noticed that by clicking on "End the conversation" the mention Private / Public appeared:

This feature allows you, in seconds, to turn this conversation into a publication that will be accessible to dozens, if not hundreds of new patients.

Click here to see the original publication

Indeed, by choosing to make a conversation public, the AyourP platform will automatically make it available in the internal search engine, in addition to indicating to Google that this page is of public interest and should therefore appear in the results of the Google search engine (so-called indexing, in the jargon of the web).

This strategy allows some responses to be seen by more than 50 potential patients/clients every day, without additional effort from your team.

To turn a conversation into a publication, follow these 4 steps (2 minutes per publication) :

Step 1. End the conversation

Step 2. Ensure that the contents of the conversation do not identify the patient

If any of the "text bubbles" or the "Details provided by the patient" field contains the patient's first or last name, it is important to remove it before making it public. Same thing if the exchange contains any of this information: address, email, diagnosis series, date of birth.

To remove, simply click on the pencil that appeared in front of each bubble when finishing the conversation:

Step 3. Change the title to make it attractive and focused on the content of the conversation

In order for patients to be interested in your publication, it must contain a catchy title aligned with the content of the publication. For best results, use a title that:

  1. Contains less than 2 lines
  2. Is in the form of a question (ends with a question mark).

Step 4. Publish

Your publication is now accessible through our internal search engine and will be indexed by Google as seen here:

Finally, use the icons of Facebook, LinkedIn or the hyperlink to share the post on your social networks.