6 out of 7 patients consult the web as a first step to any symptoms. Your online presence is more likely to attract them if they trust your expertise.

To build a relationship of trust with patients who visit your profile, nothing better than to heal your image on AyourP.

Fortunately, it will only take 2 minutes.

First, your professional profile

Your profile is accessible by clicking on the avatar located in the upper right corner of your screen (My profile). Once in your profile, click the πŸ–οΈ sign to access the different editable fields. Near the avatar or your current profile picture, you will see the πŸ“· sign. Click on it to add a profile picture.

Next, your team's profile

  1. Click on β€œParameters”, located in the menu to the left of your screen. If you are on mobile, this menu is visible by clicking on the three small bars located in the upper left corner of the screen.
  2. As with your professional profile, click the pencil to access the editable fields.
  3. Don't forget to provide an French version of the information you write.

Visible impact on each of your interventions on AyourP

Your professional profile and team profile are now accessible under the conversations you have with a patient through AyourP. The patient with whom you are starting a consultation can now find all the information about you (where to meet you, your opening hours).

That's why our statistics show that 32.6% of patients who receive a response in less than 2 hours from a professional using AyourP go to a clinic or pharmacy within minutes.