When describing his consultation request (in the form of a question), the patient and the clinical situation he describes are analyzed by a system created by QPUP and taking advantage of natural language processing. This tool makes it possible to highlight many characteristics specific to each consultation request received via QPUP in order to facilitate your job selection work:


When asking his question, the patient provides their postal code. This data is compared to your team's postal code in order to calculate the distance between you and this patient. By default, the opportunities to which you have access are placed in ascending order of the distance between you and each opportunities.

Sex and age of patient:

When asking the question, the patient also provides his birthdate and gender. This information allows professionals to provide a more accurate response when responding to the consultation request and also allows you to isolate certain demographic data when selecting certain opportunities.

* Please note that if you would like to receive questions related to children under 14 years of age, it is not possible to indicate this in this section since it is the parents' information that will be used for the filter. It is therefore important to select the Neonatalogy and Pediatrics category. In addition, it is important not to limit the age range to 14-18 years.


As mentioned earlier, QPUP has developed an artificial intelligence system (natural language processing) that detects the words used by the patient and allows each question to be directed to the right professional. This system is continuously trained with new consultation requests received via QPUP.

More specifically, the system identifies which profession(s) should be linked to each consultation request and which are the main subject(s) of each consultation request from the following list: