As Simple as 1, 2, 3

☝️ The first thing to do is to select your filters

All questions asked about AyourP (except questions asked directly on a team profile) will be directed to the opportunity tab of each professional registered on the platform according to the algorithm. You have the option to choose several filters for the questions that will be sent in your own.

✌️ The second thing to do is take charge of the opportunity & consult the patient's profile.

Click , you will see the details of the request for teleconsultation. You are invited to view your patient's profile, as shown in the image below.

You will find several interesting information, including the patient's full name, date of birth, postal code, Β the corresponding city and all previous requests for consultation initiated by this patient.

Click on ''I agree to answer'' to show other members of your team that you have taken care of this patient. They can join you in responding to the consultation request, if necessary.

Professionals who are not part of your team can no longer access the consultation. They missed that opportunity.

Have you changed your mind? Nothing could be simpler! Click on the red "x" near your profile at the bottom of the screen to withdraw from the consultation. Please note that this is only possible if you have not sent a message yet.

✍️ The third thing to do is to simply write!

Most professionals begin their response with a greeting and then provide a general response based on the information provided by the patient.
In no case should the patient's name be mentioned in your response

Others optimize their responses. Patients are more appreciative of comprehensive, structured, personalized and empathetic responses.

You hesitate? Don't feel totally comfortable? That's normal. After 3 or 4 teleconsultations, you will find your rhythm and develop new reflexes. After this normal period, it should not take longer to reply in writing than to the telephone. πŸ“ž

A two-way communication platform

AyourP is designed so that the patient can respond in turn after you have answered... unless you stop him.

If you do not have enough information in the consultation request to respond adequately, you have two options:

  1. Provide a very general response and invite the patient to contact you or one of your team members for further details or clarification.
  2. Ask questions to the patient to obtain the information needed to provide a precise answer (a strategy that does not always work, because sometimes the patient never provides the requested information).

It is also possible to transfer this consultation request to a video consultation platform

Remember, the patient will be able to come back with more details or other questions, unless you click on "End the conversation" as shown below:

That's it!

You are now familiar with the basic elements to conduct remote consultations via AyourP. Continue your learning by going to the Choose Your Tools tab of our Help Center when you feel ready.