How does a patient become my client?

1- Choose from opportunities when you have an appointment time slot to fill.
2- Communicate with the patient and then offer a video or face-to-face meeting.
3- Invite the patient to make an appointment with you.

What are the membership fees?

No registration fee. You can use AyourP completely free of charge.

Why is it free?

We monetize our service by the presence of advertisements on it.

What types of ads are displayed on AyourP?

The services or products that advertise on the platform are carefully selected by our clinical team. Only products that display DIN and efficacy data published in peer-reviewed journals can display on AyourP.

What is the procedure for reporting earnings from paid questions?

As a self-employed person, you can deposit the fees associated with the paid questions in the account of your choice and keep proof of the deposit as proof of income, to be transmitted to your accountant when filing the statements.

As an employee, you will have to agree with the owner on the account in which the fees will be deposited and send the proof of deposit to the accountant according to the choice.

Are we subject to pricing frameworks?

The role of our platform is to help you find a patient who needs your services. If a patient makes an appointment with you for a consultation, you are the only one who decides on your rates afterwards. AyourP does not impose any obligation to this effect.

Do we have to take on the opportunities?

You have no obligation. Know that each of the opportunities is available for several professionals at once. You start the conversation with a new patient according to your availability and your needs in terms of acquiring new clients.