How do I know if a question pays?

In the «Opportunities» section, paid consultation requests for a team of professionals will display the «$ sign» as shown below:

Am I the only one who sees this paid question?

In the vast majority of cases, a consultation request becomes a multi-team Pay Question simultaneously.

A team of professionals who do not visit the «Opportunities section» of the platform for a day could therefore miss all the paid Questions of that day.

When will I get paid?

Each Paid Question is attached to a $5 fee, cashable by the team upon reaching an accumulated minimum of $100 visible in the Earnings section.

This payment is made to the team, not to the health professionals in the team. QPUP leaves it to the teams to enter into fee distribution agreements internally, if necessary.

How to receive more paid questions?

To access more «Paid Questions» you must: 1) generate satisfactory responses; 2) turn your answers into publications; (3) accept new consultation requests on a regular basis; 4) share your posts on social networks.

Getting “paid questions”
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