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To increase the probability that your conversation will turn into a consultation, the simplest is to have comprehensive, structured, personalized and empathetic answers. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ensure that the message is written with a professional label: * Always start with a greeting; * Use short sentences; * Use appropriate language level; * Provide a general response

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Turn a conversation into a publication AyourP allows you to reach multiple patients through a single procedure without affecting the confidentiality of your teleconsultations. During your teleconsultations, you probably noticed that by clicking on "End the conversation" the mention Private / Public appeared: This feature allows you, in seconds, to turn

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The «focussed practice» is increasingly common among health professionals. For example, about 50% of Canadian general practitioners had a «focussed practice» (e.g.: Aging or Pregnancy) in 2007, up from about 61.8% in 2013. Some authors predict that generalists will be increasingly scarce over the next few years (Pluye,

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AyourP automatically generates a lot of data. Once you've done a few teleconsultations through AyourP, you'll see that the platform is full of eloquent statistics that allow you to validate the return on investment for you and your team. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Statistics available as soon as you register Some data is

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