To convert a visitor into a customer, the video is simple and efficient... when you know how to do it.

As you will see in this article, QPUP is a simple and effective way to access a constant influx of patients looking for your expertise. In two steps, three movements, you will be able to generate sales through the platform.

Step 1: Qualify requirement 🔎

On QPUP, every interaction between patients and professionals starts with a question. This one contains relatively little information to speed up the process for patients. This issue can hide a clinical situation that will lead to video consultation, while others will end up with a simple exchange of information. A short exchange with the patient will enable it to be validated.

When the information that's being exchanged with the patient makes it clear that the patient actually needs one of the services that you're offering — and this is when we say the patient is qualified —, then it's time to move on to the next step:

Step 2 : Invite the patient to make an appointment with you 🗓️

Step 3 : Use a videoconferencing application

Step 4 : Smile ! 😁

All health professionals are unanimous : at first, it is strange to have a video conference with a patient!

Don't be too hard with yourself. The first consultations will allow you to quickly build your confidence and in no time you won't make any difference between a video consultation and a face-to-face consultation.

An exchange with a patient doesn't sell a professional service? No problem! Take 1 minute at the end of this to turn the exchange into a publication and be seen by hundreds of patients looking for similar information on the web. Who knows, one of them could qualify for your services in the coming weeks?