AyourP automatically generates a lot of data.

Once you've done a few teleconsultations through AyourP, you'll see that the platform is full of eloquent statistics that allow you to validate the return on investment for you and your team.

Statistics available as soon as you register

Some data is available to you as soon as you arrive on the platform. These are on the left of your screen, above the menu.

These 3 data represent:

  1. Publication(s): Shows the number of conversations you have turned into a publication. To find out how to do it, refer to this article ;
  2. Follower(s): A patient becomes a team member when a team member responds. Your team's subscribers will soon be available for you to add to your favorite newsletter system.
  3. Reach: This is the number of different patients who have read any of your publications;

These three statistics are updated once a week on Sundays.

Other statistics accessible at the achievement of 10 publications (public responses)

Once your team has reached the mark of 10 publications, you will have access to an important list of statistics:

  1. Followers: Viewing the number of new followers in the last 90 days
  2. Online visits: Display the number of times your team profile has been seen by a patient in the last 90 days
  3. Printing publications: View the number of views of the posts (public responses) of this team's professionals over the past 90 days.
  4. Satisfaction (NPS): Find out how many of your team's patients are promoting your services and who are critics of your service (see the following article for more information on NPS);
  5. Recent feedback: Feedback and score (out of 10) from patients with whom professionals connected to this team had an online conversation. In the lower left corner of the feedback, you will sometimes be able to see a bubble containing the avoided resources and whether the patient has been converted.

How are these statistics generated?

AyourP has developed a proprietary system that automatically collects data generated by patients after each of the teleconferences conducted through the platform. Therefore, a survey is sent to each patient a few days after the consultation to find out the degree of patient's appreciation and to find out if they had to consult elsewhere in the health care system after consultation with the professional, among others.

This is also how Conversion is measured, i.e., confirmation that the patient now considers himself a client of your team, since after receiving your messages via AyourP, he received from your services by video consultation or in person, or came to see you to obtain a service or a product.🚶🏽‍

This system was first tested in a study carried out by a researcher from Université Laval (2018-2019), before being used in a pilot project with the Government of Quebec in 2020. A recent scientific publication also follows from this system.

This survey system collects data from about 1 in 4 patients who have completed a teleconsultation via the platform. As a result, some of your interactions on AyourP may not generate patient data (satisfaction, feedback, consultation avoided). However, they will generate data on the number of views and the number of patients assisted as soon as they are converted into a publication, regardless of whether the patient provided responses to the survey or not.