First, some basic information:

  1. Ask your pro (or commonly known as AyourP) was created to enable professionals to benefit from a robust and secure platform to increase their online visibility to get new customers. AyourP connects you to patients who need your expertise now.
  2. AyourP allows you to have a professional profile and a team profile* online in less than 2 minutes. Our platform is very well adapted for those who want a professional product without spending several thousand dollars on website development.
  3. Our technology: An algorithm that has been trained with the consultation requests received on the platform since its creation in 2015 (more than 25,000), uses natural language processing by computer to analyze the words used by the patient and identify to which professional(s) to direct the question.    
  4. We are the equivalent of a marketing department for all the professionals who use our platform. We are present on all the main social networks (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok), work with patients influencers (more than 50 in 2020), invest countless hours in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and ensure a presence in the written media (average growth of 20% MoM in 2020), radios (RhythmFM, M105), magazines (Véro, FADOQ, Naître&Grandir) and TV (CREATV, TVA) so you don’t have to do it.
  5. Make sure your profiles are well-maintained. We take care to bring as many patients as possible interested in your services.
Does your team already have a Facebook page? Don't worry! You can ensure that your investment in this social network has not been wasted by following the next few steps.

*All over this help center and on the AyourP platform we refer to the team concept. However, it is not necessary to be several professionals to be able to benefit from our platform. An individual health professional can also use all AyourP functionality.

In the background

QPUP is a for-profit business, much like yours or your employer's. Our business is owned by two pharmacists who are committed to advancing the practice of health professionals and employs 4 full-time people and several contractors. Our main source of revenue is the presence of ads on the platform. In the immediate future, all of our revenues are reinvested to create an experience that meets your expectations.

The platform you are about to use is the result of nearly 5 years of research and development, which has produced 4 peer-reviewed studies published in scientific journals.

As of March 2019, fewer than 50 patients a day were using the platform. Today, more than 60,000 patients use it every month.